Healthy behaviours and coping mechanisms are essential for long-term health, resilience and happiness. KwaAfrica is dedicated to making sure everyone has the information, support and motivation needed to secure their future health, and to make informed choices about their lives.

A combination of societal changes and lifestyle factors, for example increasingly sedentary jobs, mean that many people in the UK are at high risk of developing chronic illnesses and conditions. Rates of type II diabetes, obesity and heart disease are set to increase in the years to come, and other conditions, such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder, remain unacceptably high.

These conditions can have life-changing, negative health impacts, yet the many of the risk factors that cause them are preventable or able to be reduced by small changes to ones lifestyle. The negative health outcomes associated with these conditions can also be reduced and managed.

Good diet, activity levels and habits are essential, but these are sometimes hard to achieve if an individual is having problems with their mental health. We aim to provide a holistic approach to achieving health into the long-term by paying attention to how mental health and physical health are linked.

Understanding the activities, behaviours and practices that can produce ill-health, psychological distress or suffering, or chronic illness in the future is the first step towards positive change. However innovative approaches are required in order to move from theory to action. Supporting attitude and behaviour change means that we have to work creatively and put the individual at the centre of our work.

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