Faith leaders can play a huge role in making change happen. Engaging with faith communities is an effective way to raise awareness, ensure access to vital information, and to increase access to services. Faith institutions can serve as a hubs for promoting healthy behaviours, well-being and guaranteeing long-term health.

KwaAfrica works closely with faith leaders and religious congregations through our Faith Partnership programme to provide guidance and information on issues regarding HIV/AIDS.

KwaAfrica organises workshops, meetings and training sessions so that faith leaders are enabled to spread information and awareness about HIV/AIDS to their congregations. The organisation also works directly with congregations to make sure that key messages about health are heard.

It has been useful, informative and empowering.

Attending Faith Leader

Very good information and I learned about HIV and other health issues…great networking event.

Member of Congregation

My perceptions have completely changed. It is manageable when you take medication.

Member of Congregation

Now I am able to understand the disease and how it can affect you, my awareness has now improved.

Member of Congregation

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