We work internationally with local partners on a range of projects. Meet the teams below.

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Kadama Widows’ Association

Kadama Widows’ Association started as a group of women under a tree, planning how to combat the effects of HIV/AIDS in their community in Eastern Uganda. In the ten years since, the organisation has grown, operating in six districts and including 20 staff members and 100 volunteers. Despite change and expansion, the organisation hasn’t forgotten its main vision, and now offers a range of projects and services to help those living with HIV/AIDS. Click below to read more about KWA’s journey, projects and aims.

KwaAfrica and KWA have been working together for over ten years, and have partnered on a number of projects funded by Comic Relief, the United Kingdom Department for International Development, and PEPFAR.


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Charity Women’s Association

Charity Women’s Association (CHAWOA) was set up in 2003 in order to provide health services, education and support to people living with HIV/AIDS in Soroti, a town in the Eastern Region of Uganda. CHAWOA partner with schools, community groups and health centres to work with women and their families to promote longer, healthier lives, and economic freedom.

KwaAfrica and CHAWOA have been working together for ten years, and in the course of this time we have enjoyed working together on a range of projects, including on our Comic Relief-funded programme.